Meet Loc Le Films


Our videography team comprises passionate storytellers and artists honed in their craft and ready to create a beautifully curated film showcasing one of your life’s most significant milestones. We aim to tell your unique love story by creating a cinematic experience you will treasure forever. Our team has been working in the wedding videography field for five years and has the expertise and experience to ensure no moment is missed. Not only are we experienced, but we take great pride in our work, which means we are not satisfied with average videography. We strive to create only the best and most beautiful videos explicitly curated to your and your partner’s wants and needs. Our mission is to capture your love story and encapsulate the immense love you and your partner are surrounded by on your special day.

Our Videography Style

Love Story

This particular wedding videography style puts your incredible love story center stage. These narrative-driven films allow you to share a more detailed, emotional depiction of your love for one another. Along with our usual style of artfully composed shots, included are talking heads of you and your significant other sharing memorable pieces of your lives through anecdotes or answers to questions we have helped you prepare that further drive an emotional and sentimental narrative.

High Energy

Build off your wedding day’s amazing energy and joy with a light-hearted, upbeat wedding film. These fast-paced edits, accompanied by a cheerful score, will emphasize your special day’s brightest and happiest moments.

Music Video

Our music video-style films are purely score-driven pieces that can range from a variety of moods. Have the focal point of your wedding day video be the pure interactions between you and all your loved ones, celebrating one of life’s most momentous occasions. Let the music embody your profound connection with one another and allow your actions to speak for themselves.


Kind Words

“We are so happy we chose Loc Le Films as our wedding photographer. They were amazing from start to finish.

We’re delighted to share our experience with Loc Le Films. Our vision for a uniquely memorable wedding was not only met but exceeded. Loc and his team’s creative approach and fun and comforting presence allowed our love to shine in every scene. Their passion for their craft is evident in their work, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to any couple seeking an exceptional wedding experience. Thank you, Loc and the team, for making our day truly unforgettable

Tram & Brian